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Hotels and tourism Projects

1.Hold in mahrosa hotel in Alexandria

2.Golden beach village in northing beach

3.King Marriott hotel

4.Africano Hotel

5.Marchal el gezera hotel – El mansora

6.Delta hotel

7.El slamlek hotel

8.Acasia club in the international park in ALEX.

9.Prince Talal Palace in ALEX

10.ELkantry culb

11.Some apartments in Golf Sulaymaniyah

12.Towers for ELAAMERLAND

13. Some apartments in Pvirly Hills

14.Four season Hotel in Alexandria stare center

Shopes and Malls

1. Print Shop – Shops Group.

2. Texmar – Shops Groups.

3.MEXX shops Group .

4.Naf Naf shops group.

5.Show rooms for Eltariq cars company

6.Show rooms NIKE – Abbas ElAkkad

7.China bekin restaurants

8.Golden Group Sports center

9.Didi Stores for ready clothes

10.Stores BESPITERY – ElHaram

11.El Samahi Commercial mall.


Banks and banking companies


1. Hermes establishment for bank money – elmansora.

2. Alexandria Bank – Gwad Hosny Branch.

3. Alexandria Bank – Adly Branch.

4. Egyptian American Bank – Shobra Branch.

5. Egyptian American Bank – Elmaady Branch.

6. Commercial international Bank – Sporting Branch

7. Bank miser Branches all over Arab Republic of Egypt

8. Suez Canal Bank – elkarba.

Residential projects

1. Madinty City

2. ELrehab City

3. Dream land city

4. ELshroq city 2000

5. All Projects for Arab Contractors all over Egypt

In addition to Exporting to various of world countries.


1. China
2. Spain
3. Germany
4. America
5. Turkey6. Finland
7. Romenaa
8. South Africa

9. Ivory Coast
10. Nigeria
11. Mauritius
12. Uganda

13. Burundi
14. Ethiopia
15. Kenya
16. Zambia
17. Sudan
18. Morocco
19. Libya
20. Syria
21. Emirates
22. Bahrain
23. Saudi Arabia


Companies and administrative headquarters

1.Britch school in Zamalek

2.Rests for primes of Administration council Ezz El dkhela iron Company.

3.El mabara society theatres (Smoha).

4.Administrative office for faculty of commerce – ALEX Univ.

5.Administrative El Ameria Company for metals in ALEX.

6.Administrative office at Taki Factories Company.

7.Administrative office of "Bani Swif" cements factories.

8.Administrative office for Alexandria company for constrictions (Talat Mostafa).

9.Administrative office for Sagi Company (Sagiterian).

10.Apartments and Administrative units for el– Salam interbuild company in ALEX.

11.Administrative office for The International Company of projects ( TARAD CO ).

12.Dr. \ Hassan Mazloum office.

13.Administrative office for elAnsar for trading and Contraction Company.

14.Administrative office in Dora companies group.

15.Dr.\ Tarek El saiad office.

16.Administrative office of Egyptian Company for trading and contraction.

17.Measurement and titration institute – El harem.

18.Dr.\ Abd El Rahman Samra for advocacy.

19.Location of el Nasr Company for kitchens needs

20.Administrative office of el shattbi companies Group for trading and importing.

21.Ramsis Central .

22.El manshia Central

23.Elmohandsen central

24.North Cairo electricity distribution station.

25.Sidi kreer electricity distribution station

26.Egypt 2000 Schools.

27.Office of minister of transportation – Egypt

28.Office of boss of minister council in Alexandria .

29.Office of ministers at prime ministers council in ALEX

30.Main meeting hall in prime ministers council in Alex.

31.Office of general prime of Cairo Airport Corporation .

32.Office of Mrs. Ambassador \ both of national center for mother hood and childhood

33.Computer halls of ALEX. Univ.

34.Free studies hall of faculty of commerce ALEX. Univ.

35.Administrative office of scientific research academy the boss of scientific research academy

37.Main conference hall of engineers union - Damaitta branch .

38.The administrative building at the headquarters of the Order of Engineers - Damaitta branch.

39.All Administrative offices in old people house – Smoha

40.Office of manager units in old people house – Smoha

41.Lord Company for shaving systems.

42.Scientific center for studies and design.

43.Office of Dr.\ Hamad Abdallah hamad

44.Administrative Office of faculty of sportive education – Alex. Univ.

45.Arab Academy for Science and technology.

46.Abd elmonem gaber center for cinema and cinematic production.

47.Administrative location of Orascom telecom company – Hurghada .

48.Administration of neutralization glass factories tenth of Ramadan city

49.Administration of El gedawy company group.

50.Ambience tours center company for tourism .

51.Administration of elgezeery trading company .

52.International commerce center.

53.Cancer center of "SOHAG".

54.Adminstrative companies Dr. Abd Elazez Fahmy

55.Main center for procter and gamble company.

56.El Shorbagy sons company.

57.Blood center services – el mokatam

58.Blood center services – Helwan

59.seniors pepole - – Helwan

60.Fonex team company.

61.El horia towers 7 tours

62.Integrated cars society

63.Moubarak city for science and technology.

64.Doctors company for banking.

65.Miser Agriculture company for tourism development..

66.Egyptian federation for horsemen ship.

67.Location of egyptian economic group.

68.Administration of Elanwar company for constructions.

69.For ever baby nursery .

70.Office the Minister of Transportation

71.Occasion's hall of marine force – Alex .

72.Occasions hall in presidential palace – Rass Eltin

73.union air company – Makram Ebad

74.Office of Dr. Minister of Information and communication.

75.Administration of Elgomhoria Newspaper

76.Studios of Dream Channels

77.Studios of Orbit Channels

78.Studios of ART Channels

79.Studios of Mazzika Channels.

80.Studios of Misk for media production.

81.Nahas Studio.

82.Misr Studio

83.Rotana Studio.

84.National center for motherhood and childhood – El Maadi.

85.Administration location of el mohamadia company for import and export.

87.Administration location El Nahda company for Agriculture developing.

88.Administration location for Swedco company.

89.Containers of international company for marine work.

90.Factories Elmansoura company for resins

91.LNG progect for liquid gases

92.Administration of Alexandria maritime port

93.Administration of Suez maritime port

94.ELrawad project for Purification Education

95.Administrative office of Salomil for Formica Company

96.Prime of scientific research academy offices

97.Sozan Moubarak center – Smoha

98.Hall's Smoha club – Alexandria

99.Terminal Building for Alexandria port

100.Electricity control center – Mastord .

101.Duravit company

102.Duravit Company

103.Oil wells Technology Inc company .

104.Tomodern company

105.International furniture manufacture "Riadco"

106.The ENG. Aircon company

107.Suez canal organization – Esmaelai –supply management

108.Malte - M- Group

109.Mobica company

110.Future co.

111.Administration location – Borg ElArab city

112.New courts complex

113.Scientific office for Technopharm company – cairo

114.Hospital for Dr. Hassan Abase Helmy

115.Alexandria a Petroleum Maintenance co. "PETROMAINT"

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